Future-Proof Media Solutions that Scale

Fuel breakthrough growth and build more resilient business with The 2045 Collective. Our data-driven strategies, AI optimization, and creative campaign design perform more effectively across the full funnel and omnichannel to deliver more impactful results.


With our customized solution and hyper-granular methodology, we use a combination of data science, technology, ingenuity, and acumen to uncover untapped audiences and maximize spend.

Powered by our cutting-edge AI, 2045 campaigns are more agile in an auction-driven world. Using the science of personalization as well as extensive feature utilization, we optimize for both price and Non-Price Variables™ to bid differently across multiple platforms – efficiently increasing performance across the entire campaign lifecycle.

More holistic targeting. More touch points per campaign.
More compelling creative.
More engagement. More efficient spend.
More effective campaigns.


Scale smarter & futurize your marketing with our proven solutions for more powerful media:


Next Gen Strategy

Led by world class media experts, 2045 blends leading-edge data science with artful ad strategies to launch campaigns that beat benchmarks and scale business:

  • Boundary-pushing, creative campaign design 
  • Higher-yielding, multi-platform targeting science
  • Hyper-personalized, engaging customer journeys
  • Increased touchpoints & immersive moments
  • Outperforming creative, media mix & vehicles
  • Hyper-context mid-funnel targeting
  • More meaningful KPIs and metrics Harder working media dollars
Omnichannel Performance

Omnichannel Performance

Our integrated campaigns optimize premium audience, media, creative, and data insights to engage the right consumers at the right time, place, and price:

  • Stronger full funnel omnichannel performance 
  • Multi-platform reporting on one central platform
  • Broader & deeper Diamond-Shaped Campaigns™
  • Expert integration of exclusive tech & tools
  • Deeper audience reach & engagement
  • Continuous media mix modeling & refinement
  • Highly efficient & effective bid-factoring
  • Agile, algorithmic AI optimization
High Impact Results

High Impact Results

From start to finish, 2045 campaigns maximize your spend for better quality, quantity, and ROI – delivering meaningful, consistent outcomes that fuel your success:

  • Higher ad engagement, traffic & purchase intent 
  • Improved attention & engagement rates
  • Deeper consumer, media & creative insights
  • Stronger customer retention, reactivation & lifetime value
  • Increased brand health & competitiveness
  • Guaranteed price-performance
  • More efficient campaigns Higher ROI / ROAS

We have been working with 2045 since they first launched, having had years of trusted experience with Usha. The 2045 team is an industry leader in innovative digital media and a key partner on many of our campaigns. They are involved, responsive and detailed—always there to help solve an issue or help us break through to new audiences for our clients.


Our Proven Process for Growth Marketing

We’re the smarter ad partner for ambitious agencies and challenger brands ready to expand their market share. 2045’s customized media solutions scale to your goals and budget while delivering enterprise-grade service, products, and performance.

Here’s how our service is invested in your success:



Pitch & win new business with data-driven media plans for agency clients.

Our hyper-granular strategy, integrated campaigns, and optimized bidding deliver more meaningful results to your clients – so you can confidently scale service.



Put data at the heart of your 

Our strategy blends the art of creative campaign design with the science of data, personalization, and optimization to identify smarter metrics – and hit more valuable targets.



Launch more effective full funnel omnichannel campaigns.

Leverage the variety, complexity, and intricacy possible on modern martech platforms. We run multiple concurrent algorithms optimizing to all relevant goals on every programmatic, retail, search, and social channel you need – streamlined in one managed service.



Get the most out of your hard-working media dollars.

Optimized by our cutting-edge AI, 2045 campaigns are tuned to deliver the right experience, for the right user, at the right time, in the right environment, with the right creative, paying the right price, to hit to the right metrics – across the entire campaign lifecycle.


Measure progress & success all inone place, in real-time.

Our interactive reporting dashboards make comprehensive insights available at any time, helping you visualize KPIs, track performance, and analyze trends. Get more transparency, identify top-performing variables, and build on breakthrough tactics.

Results you can count on.

Driven by data. Designed by experts. Optimized by AI.

Try it out!